The Werner Zwahlen Scholarship Award Presented at Loon Race Team Banquet


LRT_Panel (1)Werner Zwahlen                                                                              Foundation Ski Education  Scholarships Awarded.
Many of the young alpine racers and members of the Loon Race Team located at Loon Mountain, Lincoln, NH, also received well-earned awards at the annual end of the ski season banquet.

The Loon Race Team Philosophy is to encourage each racer to become the best person and off the hill.

Under the steady direction and care of Head Coach, Aaron Loukes, the team skied solid runs throughout the alpine race season to earn them several trophies.

Equally important, was his leadership to create a learning environment in which each athlete commits to self-growth through training and meeting the challenge of racing while keeping in mind the importance of participating within the team framework.

Various speakers and coaches gave evidence of this importance with stories of  team members, who after crossing the finish line, stayed to cheer their team members skiing across the finish-line whether the racer finished in first place or last place. Good sportsmanship and character develop when encouraging each other is a team strength . It is the strong thread that knits a team together.

Our two sons grew up participating in alpine racing, so I remember the commitment of time and energy needed to support your children.

It was my pleasure and privilege to present two recipients with The Werner Zwahlen Ski Education Scholarship Award.

These athletes best emulated Werner’s courage, tenacity and faith, throughout his three-year race for life with esophageal cancer, a lethal competitor.

Courage, tenacity and faith are choices.  Some young racers work hard and cross the finish line to medal, while other racers work equally hard to cross the finish-line repeatedly miss standing on the podium to receive a medal.

Racers experience challenges running gates difficult enough to tempt them to quit, but they choose to press on testifies to their courage.

Jerry Jenkins, a NY Times best-selling author said, “a young writer’s success depends on, humility, teach-ability, coach-ability, availability, and flexibility.”

Werner, I believe would agree with those “ilities,”  as he believed success is not only measured by results and talent, it is also measured by an individual’s choice to find the courage, tenacity and faith to meet their challenges, develop one’s strengths and overcome one’s adversities.

The 2014 Werner Zwahlen Education Scholarship went to Dan O’Connor, a 9th grade student leader at his high school, who is an extremely hard worker. He never quits and is respectful of all is teammates and coaches.  Congratulations Dan!

Samantha Jannsen’s also received The 2014 Werner Zwahlen Education Scholarship. Samantha new to the racing scene, joined Loon Race Team two years ago. Her coaches said of her, “She always has a positive attitude and strives to do her best.” Congratulations Samantha!