Who I Am and Why I Write

  Who Am I ARTIST PIANIST & TEACHER WRITER Why I Write I write because esophageal cancer forced my family on a journey we did not choose. I write because of the Helper I turned to when facing terminal cancer with my husband, Werner. It broke my heart, and tested my courage and faith. I write because I was his wife, lover, friend, andContinue reading “Who I Am and Why I Write”

Today I Remember A Beautiful Man

    Eleven years ago, cancer stole my husband. Sometimes it seems like yesterday when I look at is handsome face. However, of this I am certain, I was blessed to have this beautiful man in my life for almost 33 years. After navigating through the dark waves of grief, I entered the next lesson, transitions. This phase of rebuilding myContinue reading “Today I Remember A Beautiful Man”


YOU MUST BE BRAVE December 2000 “You must be brave,” said my beautiful husband. You must be brave? He must be kidding. The peril we faced suffocated me. Being brave was about as far removed from me as the life we knew and the future slipping from our grasp. Where would I find the meansContinue reading “THIRD GATE – A REQUEST”