Carving for a Cure- Loon Race Team Ski-A-Thon



Norris Cotton Cancer Center & Boston Children’s Hospital Benefit From Loon Race Team’s Efforts. Over $10,000.00 Raised from the First Annual  Ski-A-Thon Fundraiser, Carving for a Cure for Cancer, Held at Loon Mountain, Lincoln, NH,

IN MEMORY OF WERNER ZWAHLEN, WHO LOST HIS BATTLE WITH ESOPHAGEAL CANCER JUNE 27, 2003                                                                                            

The money will be shared with Norris Cotton Cancer Center At Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center in memory of Werner Zwahlen, for esophageal cancer research. Werner was Alpine Director of Loon Race Team until his death.

 In January 2003, Werner’s cancer returned. Because cancer invaded his vital organs and metastasized throughout his body, surgery was impossible.  Along with the cancer’s return facing terminal resided in our lives. Werner chose to fight. Palliative chemotherapy bought time. At the end of the bad news session, he announced to his medical team crowded into the small exam room, “Tomorrow, I’m going skiing.”

Everyday, he skied. He headed for the mountain to work with his coaching staff and young racers. No one knew that underneath his ski clothes, his once strong athletic body weighed a scant 100 pounds.  Remnants of  steely muscle covered his bones, like loose clothing.   Characteristic of Werner, he used his strength to turn his attention to helping others. Courage, tenacity, and faith, kept him standing.

His family is humbled and honored to see his legacy continue to encourage and help others. We are grateful to the families and young racers of the Loon Race Team for organizing the first annual Ski-A-Thon, Carving for a Cure.  

 Fifty percent of the money donated will go to Boston Children’s Hospital in Samantha (Sammi) Burns name. She is now in remission.                                                                                            

Photograph by Stefan Zwahlen –

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