Who I Am and Why I Write

  Who Am I

Artist, Pianist, Teacher, Writer, Child of God

Why I Write

I write because esophageal cancer forced my family on a journey we did not choose.

I write because the suffering esophageal cancer delivers on families and their loved ones leaves me breathless.

I write because of the Helper I turned to when facing terminal cancer with my husband, Werner. It broke my heart, and tested my courage and faith.

I write because I was his wife, lover, friend, and support during the three years we journeyed the esophageal cancer road together.

I write because of who protected me from despair.

I write to testify to one man’s never quit courage, perseverance, and faith when esophageal cancer assaulted his physical strength, emotional well-being, and his will to live.

I write because I must.

I write because it was his story, my story, our story!