Prayer From The Heart of a Spouse.

To you who are in the fight, to your spouse, your families, and your significant others, I think of you. When the walk seems insurmountable,  I think of you for I also walked in those shoes.  April 2001. He stared at me through drugged eyes, yet he looked right through me.  He seemed to have disappearedContinue reading “Prayer From The Heart of a Spouse.”

Esophageal Cancer New Study

Cancer New Study I read that esophageal cancer is an increasingly common disease and represents 1 percent of new cancers diagnosed in the United States. Though it may be common, but an easy to treat cancer it is not. What has not changed dramatically since 2000, is its survivability. Esophageal cancer articles I read in 2000 seemContinue reading “Esophageal Cancer New Study”

Zwahlen Memorial Not Just A Race – Today at Loon Mountain

 Zwahlen Memorial Not Just A Race Werner Zwahlen believed that success is not only measured by results and talent; it is also measured by an individual’s choice to face  one’s difficult challenges with courage and tenacity. Werner mentored and inspired several generations of skiers to develop their strengths and achieve goals on and off the race course theyContinue reading “Zwahlen Memorial Not Just A Race – Today at Loon Mountain”

April Is Esophageal Cancer Awareness Month – If You Experience Difficulty Swallowing, Run Don’t Walk to Your Doctor, Please!

  APRIL IS ESOPHAGEAL CANCER AWARENESS MONTH Since 2000 treatment and longer survival from esophageal cancer has improved significantly. Squamous cell and adenocarcinoma are the two groups of esophageal cancer. In 2000, when my husband received his diagnosis (from acid re-flux disease) of Stage III adenocarcinoma at stomach junction (GE Junction), which included cancer visible inchesContinue reading “April Is Esophageal Cancer Awareness Month – If You Experience Difficulty Swallowing, Run Don’t Walk to Your Doctor, Please!”

Discussing Mortality- It Matters

My Case for Palliative Care  Forced to face mortality is to walked through the fires of sorrow. It is not the stage on which anyone of us chooses to play. So joy in life is, so sorrow is too. When the vigil begins, is the being mortal conversation open to include family and the patient facing imminent death?Continue reading “Discussing Mortality- It Matters”

Who I Am and Why I Write

  Who Am I ARTIST PIANIST & TEACHER WRITER Why I Write I write because esophageal cancer forced my family on a journey we did not choose. I write because of the Helper I turned to when facing terminal cancer with my husband, Werner. It broke my heart, and tested my courage and faith. I write because I was his wife, lover, friend, andContinue reading “Who I Am and Why I Write”

Today I Remember A Beautiful Man

    Eleven years ago, cancer stole my husband. Sometimes it seems like yesterday when I look at is handsome face. However, of this I am certain, I was blessed to have this beautiful man in my life for almost 33 years. After navigating through the dark waves of grief, I entered the next lesson, transitions. This phase of rebuilding myContinue reading “Today I Remember A Beautiful Man”

The Werner Zwahlen Ski Education Foundation

My speech given at the first scholarship award ceremony from Werner’s Foundation. Why give this particular award, when at the end of the day, alpine racing is all about winning or at least coming in second or third for a chance to stand on the podium, receive a medal and the applause for well done?Continue reading “The Werner Zwahlen Ski Education Foundation”