Carving for a Cure- Loon Race Team Ski-A-Thon

  APRIL IS ESOPHAGEAL CANCER AWARENESS MONTH Norris Cotton Cancer Center & Boston Children’s Hospital Benefit From Loon Race Team’s Efforts. Over $10,000.00 Raised from the First Annual  Ski-A-Thon Fundraiser, Carving for a Cure for Cancer, Held at Loon Mountain, Lincoln, NH, IN MEMORY OF WERNER ZWAHLEN, WHO LOST HIS BATTLE WITH ESOPHAGEAL CANCER JUNE 27,Continue reading “Carving for a Cure- Loon Race Team Ski-A-Thon”


YOU MUST BE BRAVE December 2000 “You must be brave,” said my beautiful husband. You must be brave? He must be kidding. The peril we faced suffocated me. Being brave was about as far removed from me as the life we knew and the future slipping from our grasp. Where would I find the meansContinue reading “THIRD GATE – A REQUEST”