Cancer Tested Courage and Faith, Walking With A Spouse Through Cancer

Werner’s Run, an extraordinary race for life, a commitment to honor one request, when cancer tested their courage and faith.

His relationship with the mountains flowed through him like the blood in his veins

He grew ups in Saanen, Switzerland where the Alps’ rock and snow-covered summit peaks rose high above the unseen horizon and towered over the valley below.

His Playground



He accepted the inherent dangers of playing in high places. He chose to climb not for boasting rights or notoriety, but for the joy propelled by an inner drive to overcome challenges by facing his fears, and for the exhilaration of gaining and standing on the summit.

On another day many years later, he would begin a different climb. His rope was not clipped into the carabiner secured to rock with a piton jammed into a crack at dizzying heights. Rocks and ice did not let go from above and rain down on him.

This climb of his life began with a cancer diagnosis. Love and our 30-year marriage clipped us into a shared rope. How I chose to support him would either would strengthen the bond make or break the rope.

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