Cancer Tested Courage and Faith,

In Marriage and Relationships

You Must Be Brave, AChoice

Sweat-soaked, breathless, and terrified, she left the easy terrain and her courage behind. Roped with him, she is his partner on the climb of their lives. The pack harnessed to her back is too heavy to bear what lies ahead. She looks up and sees him climbing steadily and struggles to stay on the rope with him, but fear for him paralyzes her, and the rope begins to slip from her grasp.

He Feels the rope slacken, drops down to her, places the rope firmly back in her grasp, locks his eyes on her, and says, “You must be brave,” turns away from her, and resumes his climb.

That day they did not begin the climb on the white snow of his beloved Alps.

Thirty years into their marriage, he was not on a rope clipped into a carabiner hanging from a piton jammed into a crack on a rock wall.

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