About Us – A Time to Love

Grow old with me, the best is yet to be-” 

It all started a long time ago, when I went skiing.


He arrived in the base lodge with ten other Swiss Ski Instructors

My lunch companion shared her immediate advice. Stay away from the Swiss Ski Instructors. And then, I blurted. “See that Swiss Instructor, the one laughing and doing all the talking? He is trouble and I am going to marry him.” Surprised by my own absurd comment, I laughed and changed the subject.

 A week later, I laughed again when, Werner, labeled the notorious playboy by my advice giving lunch partner, asked me to lunch and the company Christmas Dinner.

I laughed again when the gossip buzzed around the ski lodge. Will he love her or leave her?

I laughed when he asked me to marry him and celebrate our wedding Switzerland

I laughed, sort of, when the wedding plans included learning how to rappel

to climb the backside of the Rublihorn.

I failed that one, no smile, when I got stuck half way up a chimney, and asked, how do I get down. He smiled and said, turn around.”

I laughed on our wedding day

All the bells ran. The surrounding Alps echoed the joyful noise.

 We thought we had forever. The words, “Until death,” had nothing to do with us.” We were a happily ever after love story.