About Me – A Time to Love

Grow old with me, the best is yet to be-”  Well we were at the not so old stage looking forward to the best is yet to be life together stage, when cancer nixed the grow old with me part.

                       ABOUT ME –    WHO I WAS-  An Over View of  Cancer Tested Courage and Faith

I went skiing. I ignored the warnings. “Stay away from the notorious love um and leave um Swiss Ski Instructors.” “Thanks, I said. I am not interested in the Swiss Ski Instructors or any other nationality instructor.”                                                                                                                    And then he arrived wearing a crooked smile, a dimpled chin, a red ski instructor sweater, white turtleneck, and black stretch ski pants. 


I said something absurd. “See that Swiss Instructor, the one laughing and doing all talking, he is trouble, and I am going to marry him.” My lunch partner looked at me funny and laughed. “That’s Werner, stay away from him, he is the notorious playboy.” Somewhat embarrassed by my blurt, I laughed and changed the subject                             

I laughed again when a few days later, Werner, labeled the notorious Swiss playboy, asked me to have lunch with him.                                   I laughed again, when we fell in love.                                                                                                                                                                               I laughed again I heard the buzz around the ski lodge. “Will he love her or leave her?”                                                                                           I laughed again when I said, “Yes,” to his marriage proposal and, yes, to Switzerland for our wedding venue.



   When he asked my family and me to agree on a wedding in Switzerland the reason testified to the integrity of this man.

My lifestyle in the United States seems glamorous to many people, but in Switzerland my life is simple. I want you to see this other side if me, and if you are not happy with how I live in Switzerland, you can back out of the wedding.” I fell in love with him all over again. 

  1. I learned my husband-to be was a serious mountain climber with over 100-routes to his credit.
  2. I learned to rappel, but I refused to climb nose to rock-face several thousand feet up from safe ground below. 
  3. I learned diplomacy while coordinating our international wedding involving two mothers living in different countries, cultures, and holding different marriage  traditions. 
  4. I learned to speak Swiss German, because the heart of new relationships was communication. 
  5. I made lots of funny mistakes while learning the language. 
  6. I fell in love with Werner’s family and Switzerland’s exquisite fairytale-like beauty.    
  7. Then arrived our wedding day Camelot.                                                                                       




Symphonic church bells rang out across the valley                                                                                                       Alps echoed the joyful noise.                                                                                                                                       We thought we had forever “Until death parts you,” had nothing to do with us.                                                                                                                      We were a happily ever after love story.


  1.  We raised and educated our two sons and welcomed a daughter-in-law, ran a business, hiked, played tennis, traveled to Switzerland, loved, laughed, played music, skied, sailed, and had our ups and downs.
  2. Sometimes we fought and disappointed each other. Love always won.
  3. Our 30-year happily ever after story thrived with hopes and dreams for the best is yet to be until the enemy, called cancer, arrived and laid siege on my husband’s life.
  4. Life realities did not allow us to choose what burdens we must bear for each other in our marriage. 
  5. We learned those life-lessons during our 3-year esophageal cancer journey. 
  6. Our love grew to a deeper place as did our trust in God, who was our strength, when Cancer Tested Our Courage And Faith.   

The last of life – for which the first was made, our times were in His hands


 Diagnosis Terminal – the intimate gravity of knowing our gift of time together would be cut short. We chose to live exceedingly abundantly.

Before we faced that finale journey together when one of us must go and one of us must stay, we traveled one last time to Switzerland and returned to plan one more wedding. 

Kisses exchanged, bells rang, and the sunshine blessed the wedding day. The band played Summertime. The groom danced with his bride. 



Words between Father and son


Who says, A Whole I planned, youth shows but half.”

“It’s time I asked my wife to dance.”  He took me hand and put his arm around my waist. Alone, we danced, the two of us to Autumn Leaves.


"See all, nor be afraid, trust God "  Poem words by Robert Browning

A Time To Grieve – A Journey



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