Tenth Annual Werner Zwahlen Memorial Race

January 4, 2015

The 2015 New Year begins with the tenth annual, Werner Zwahlen Memorial Race, hosted by the Loon Race Team, at Loon Mountain, NH.

I remember the first Werner Zwahlen Memorial Race, held in 2004. My sister and I spent the day beside the still waters of a sun-drenched pond tucked into the rolling fields of the French countryside and enclosed in the grounds of a French Chateau, a gift given to me as a refuge and repose. Blessed to have my sister by my side… always a strong support. Together with God’s care, we thought about Werner’s coaches, the young racers and their families involved in their first tribute to Werner’s three-year run against esophageal cancer.

I smile when I think about the young racers testing their mettle on the race course on Upper Rumrunner and Coolidge.