The Woman Who Lives Under The Stairs

Also known As, The Girl Who Lives Under the Stairs.

The girl title is what I am at heart.

I do not actually live under the stairs, but I need the stairs to descend to my creative place. Also known as the cellar. Walk-out basement sounds a little less dungeon like. Art Studio is a rather pretentious description. The ceiling tall windows streaming in the north light are missing.

So My Creative Place gives me a hint of sophistication, as in you’ve arrived.

It is where I paint, write, listen to classical, Gospel, and contemporary music, and make a mess, arrive early and stay up late.

Tucked in a corner is my 12’x12′, writing room. Cave might be a better description. Actually the space has 4 white walls, and a door that I can close, colorful scatter rugs on a white-painted cement floor, and too many wall to wall book cases to count. An old blue wood and pewter chandelier hangs from a rafter. It no longer works, but it once hung from a rafter in another very special place where I lived life more above ground than below.

No matter how many paintings I create or how many pages I write, a pin pricks the air in my sophistication balloon.  Here is the rub or pin prick in this case.

The historical name of a place is difficult to erase. If someone yells, “Where are you?” My usual reply is, “I am in the cellar.”  See what I mean?

Now that I have cleared up the grandiose title of my creative space, I am comfortable to be surrounded by these familiar things; colorful blues and reds woven in scatter rugs, a beautiful white French Country table, antique six board chests, various size easels, more tall book cases than I can count filled with books on art, music, landscape design, mountain climbing, sailing, sketchbooks, photographs of special people and memories, grandchildren’s art supplies, and Legos.

Now that I have shared the description and the title, My Creative Place, for the world to read should they be so inclined, perhaps I have arrived, if it matters. After all, I am the woman or girl who lives under the stairs, the cellar, the walk out basement, where I paint, write, listen to classical, gospel, and contemporary music, and make a mess, arrive early and stay late.